Vest helps you make sure your child living with Developmental Disabilities will receive the right support and care after you’re gone.  With Vest, you can 

  • Easily organize and manage your child’s files and records
  •  Provide insights and guidance for your child’s unique strengths and needs
  • Securely share vital information with successor caregivers for continuing support and care when you can’t be there

Vest is your way to ensure positive quality of life outcomes for your child today, and across the lifespan.  

Get Vest. Worry less!

Vest Makes Life Easier

We already organized Special Needs, so you don't have to.

Welcome to paperless! Toss out those clunky binders. Leave bankers boxes behind. Stop frantically sorting through mountains of folders and files, searching for key information at deadline time.

We created 250+ neatly organized, pre-labeled digital Pockets to keep your child's records, files, videos, everything! Neatly organized exclusively for special needs. Searchable and accessible with just a few clicks. Your life is going to get so much easier with Vest!

Vest Helps you Worry less

Safely Share with Family & Support Team

Securely share vital information with family and support team. Rest easy knowing that your child's unique needs for care will be accessible and understood by others when you can't be there.


What our happy parents are saying

See for yourself how Vest will help you save time, cut stress, and worry less about your child's care and future.